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you too can experience the racket that these kooks create.. a racket that they consider better than beethoven and the beatles combined. (this one is for you, paul) pwd
u/disk56/ocr02/ ls -l
total 1650
-rw-r--r--   1 other    3518281 Jul 84 1999 that's_a_slamming_midget_paul_andersen.mp3
-rw-r--r--   1 other    4031974 Mar 13 1999 hey_janice.mp3 sz that's_a_slamming_midget_paul_andersen.mp3 rm that's_a_slamming_midget_paul_andersen.mp3 sz hey_janice.mp3 rm hey_janice.mp3 sz calculator_man_and_hangar-you_can_disturb_me.mp3 rm calculator_man_and_hangar-you_can_disturb_me.mp3 sz calculator_man_and_hangar-braineaters.mp3 rm calculator_man_and_hangar-braineaters.mp3 logout
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