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you can purchase calculator man & hangar's new cd simply entitled this one's for the ladies at all tower records locations for only $49.95 + tax and shipping and handling. sorry, no cod's.
OR if you're one of those lame music pirates you can steal their songs for free.

review: the critics are raving about calcuhang. "the acting sucked, but the special effects were pretty cool... except there weren't enough tits & ass," said one 12-year-old-marylin-manson-shirt-wearing-punk. the suits also have some words. cheq dis chit out, mang:

Date: Mon, 20 Dec 1999 14:36:40 -0800
From: Richard Xxxx <> 
Subject: calculator man/hangar & aphex twin's dog 

            that's a slamming midget paul anderson Please submit 
this piece to a different genre other than childrens. It would not 
be appropriate there. You will get a much larger quantity of 
downloads in Electronic!  Thanks, Rick Music dept.

stalker mail: that's right, our favorite superheroes are getting flooded with stalker email... if you would like to be on calcuhang's official stalker list, please send them some sexually explicit emails from this page. you will get a little baggie containing locks of hair from both rock stars if you join the club. check out the official stalker list so far.

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