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what's up fuckers ... we have not updated this page in like a year, and we don't even give a fuck, but that's ok, we still love you our fans. so much that we are releasing 2 new (old) songs from 1999 when we used to actually make music. one is a complete improv gabber noise orgasm, the other is a live cover by one of the greatest bands ever. download these mp3s and bootleg the shit out of them!!!!
     - YOU CAN DISTURB ME [192kbit MP3; 9.7MB]
     - BRAINEATERS [128kbit MP3; 2.6MB]

p.s. we posted some new stalker mails.

we have a track in the foundation skateboards summer 2001 skate video the good times are killing me ...they used call it like something from our debut EP on imputor?, which, by the way, is now sold out muthafukkas!!!

we finally got around to posting the uncensored/uncut adam gnade interview with calculator man and hangar.

oh, and check out this review of calculator man and hangar:

"IDM of the Mu-Ziq variety is usually for those with a short attention span, but this artist can't seem to stick with anything for more than a few seconds." (Reviewed by Marc K.)

another glowing review... the press fucking loves these guys!

and and hangar are making a special guest appearance at the plastiq phantom show at bumbershoot on labor day. if you're in the seattle area, come on by and witness the first ever live appearance of calculator man and hangar!!

calculator man and hangar got interviewed by adam gnade of the san diego union tribune. check it out. we will be posting the full, uncut, uncensored version here sometime soon.

dude, they have a message board now. actually it's their label's message board, but you can talk about them there.

hey, calculator man & hangar just put up two slideshows of their recent trip to hollywood and disneyland! check them out:
calculator man & hangar vs. disneyland
calculator man & hangar vs. limp bizcuit and the la riots

you favorite superheroes are featured on the back cover of the current issue of louzine. check it out here.

06.04.00 part 2
calcuhang's first cd, titled it's andersen, not anderson, bytch! is finally finished. it contains 4 tracks of bleeps, blips, and samples of little kids with attitudes:

  • 000001.that's a slamming midget you have, paul andersen
  • 000010.hey janice
  • it like something
  • 000100.rob1.4 is our droid

you can buy it for 4 stinking dollars at ye olde shoppe.

06.04.00 part 1
hangar has almost graduated from middle school, and their label finally has a website. there are actually 2 versions, so go to it multiple times: http://www.imputor?.com.

paul andersen settled with c&h outside of court for an undisclosed amount of money. he was threatening to sue for defamation of character, but changed his tune when he realized that c&h are trying to help in his quest to getting his name right.
also, hangar ran out of checks today, now he can't pay his bills.

calculator man and hangar hung out with luke vibert (he is currently working on a project under the alias luke vibert, and other aliases incude plug, and wagonchrist, and some other wierd names.) all day. they took him to the space needle, and drove him around town...but all he wanted to do was smoke "spliffs." also, calculator man scared the crap out of luke with his horrible driving skills. they took some pictures with luke, such as him smoking spliffs, and posing with calulator man and hangar (he is such a ham). they would put the pictures up on the site, but hangar's camera didn't work... but umm they don't need to prove anything to you, and if you don't believe them, just ask luke himself when you meet him. also, the night before some stupid bloke named plastiq phantom bootlegged calculator man & hangar's paul andersen track and played it live at the µ -ziq / vibert-cole show at i-spy in seattle.

calculator man's cd burner broke today.

old news:
calulator man got a promotion at the flower shop today..hopefully it doesn't get to his head, and he still pursues his dreams to open a taco stand...please say a few words about his taco stand in your nightly prayers...

today hangar got to ride in britney spears' private guessed it...she jumped his bones, but he wouldn't have her...he told the press, "i looked in her eyes, and something wasn't quite right..."

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